Airstream Hire for Events

Airstream Hire for Events

We Provide Vintage Airstream Hire for Events – Festival VIP and Green Rooms, Airstream Hire Photoshoots, Airstream Hire Parties, Airstream Hire Events, Hire your Next Airstream from Kiss My Airstream

They’re retro, iconic, a masterpiece of design and the ultimate in cool. Like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and the first moon walk. Airstreams are Inspiring and exciting. They’re perfectly formed shiny aluminum space ships – loved by everyone – They’ve stood the test of time…  Phil Evans 2007 KissMyAirstream

Our Airstreams have been hired by all sorts of organisations – our trailers can be fully branded and towed anywhere. Our Airstreams have appeared in many catalogues from photo shoots. We have provided back stage Green Rooms and VIP areas for many large brands like RayBan – they are shiny magnets attracting people to them – Kate Moss has DJ’d from our Airstream at IOW, Bob Geldoff hired one for his 60th Birthday – we can add something special for you at an affordable price – call us for a quote!!

Airstream Hire Festivals Backstage Green Room
Airstream Hire Film/TV Production
Airstream Hire Promotion and Special Events
Airstream Hire Photoshoots and Fashion
Airstream Hire Awards / Corporate or Parties

Comfortable Interior Seating

Fits up to 8 people

Creates Amazing Images

Rebrandable and Customisable

Environmentally Friendly

Reasonable Rates

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Peek inside our Green Room

Video showing you the inside and outside of our Green Room/Photo Shoot Airstream

F1 car towing an Airstream

An F1 car pulling an Airstream Trailer